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March 15, 2017

Brick Mortar Crack Repair Secret - Cheap & Easy (Heritage Subdivision)



Brick Mortar Crack Repair


The Problem

If you're selling your home and have a crack in your brick, buyers will assume the worst and go buy another house. They don't assume they can fix the issue. They just move on. This can cost you thousands. 

What to Buy


Use pre-mixed sanded tile grout, not mortar repair. Mortar repair usually has only 3 different color options. Sanded tile grout usually offers 20+ color options, which allows you to color match to near perfection. Also, sanded tile grout is suitable for swimming pools, showers, and exterior uses because it is highly weather resistant, and the texture is virtually identical. Brand doesn’t matter much. Any home improvement store will have a nice selection, however each store will carry different color selections due to available inventory.

They come in quart or gallon size buckets. Get quart size. See the image below for colors we have found work well on most homes. The colors below with arrows are ones that work well on most homes. Purchase a few good colors. The biggest time waste is driving to the store. If you see all the ones I marked, buy them all. If you don’t see them all but you see something else that looks close (linen, earth, or another), by all means grab it too. Home Depot and Lowes have excellent return policies.


Application Instructions

Put your artist hat on. Get an empty shallow sturdy container to serve as your palette. Scoop a spoonful of a brownish color and grey color onto the palette. Next mix the colors together in portions that would help you achieve the best match. Keep mixing the colors until it matches to 80% perfection. The color will appear slightly different after it has dried. Effective blending will mitigate any color match imperfections.

Next, begin a test area by finding an inconspicuous area of the house, dip your finger in the mixed solution then run it along the mortar area (between the bricks). If you have several cracks, you may need gloves.

As you drag your finger down the mortar line, the mix will naturally taper off and blend really well with the existing mortar color.


Cracks Running Through the Middle of a Brick

Most of the time the thing that makes a crack stand out is the shadow inside the crack. If there is a small crack in the brick, fill the crack with a very small amount of the mortar solution. Just use a minimal amount so its not caked on. Then wipe off any excess. It’s always best to test a little area to see how it looks before covering a large area. Keep in mind, you know where the cracks were before you attempted to fix them, so you’ll always know exactly where to look to find the patch job. Someone that didn’t know where the crack was before your repair job likely won’t be able to find the repaired area if you did a good job matching colors and blending.

Other Solutions:

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  2. Get our checklists and strategy on how to invest a little to get top dollar: call or text 817-381-3800
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Brick Mortar Crack Repair Secret Cheap Easy Heritage 2Brick Mortar Crack Repair Secret Cheap Easy Heritage 1


March 14, 2017

North Texas DFW Real Estate Market Report

The market in North Texas is hot.

Watch this video for an complete market update:



March 10, 2017

RANKED: Top Realtor in 2017

Chandler Crouch Realtors Ranked as 2017 Top Realtor by Fort Worth Magazine

I am humbled to work with such a great team. 

Fort Worth Magazine recognized us in their Top Realtor List for 2017!

We are so honored to serve this community! I can't thank you enough for your support! It's truly our pleasure.





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March 10, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Keller ISD School Zone Redistricting

Everything You Need to Know About Keller ISD School Zone Redistricting

School District Affecting the Heritage Subdivision Among Others

Several people have contacted me recently asking about elementary school redistricting. I thought other people might appreciate the information so, here it is:
  • Redrawing Cape Cod from Lonestar Elementary to Friendship Elementary

    • Old news: Plans to redistrict the attendance zones were discontinued.
      • The reason the plans were discontinued is because of your involvement at the public forums. Find forum agenda and the presentation they used here: https://goo.gl/eqEV2r
      • Lonestar is however very full and the area is still growing, so they may propose this change again in the future.
  • If I want to appeal to have boundary lines redrawn, what do I do?

    • Waiting until the redistricting is proposed then attending the public forum will be the most effective route. Less effective (and possibly counterproductive) would be to contact Billy Kidd (contact info below).
    • When do they notify of changes?

      • One person told me it takes 1 year to fully pass.
      • Previous meeting where the board of trustees voted on it was Nov 30.
      • Previous dates for public forums were mid to late January held in the evening.
      • How do they notify of changes? They do a press release, so news organizations pick it up and disseminate widely. If you have personal experience, please share how you found out and I’ll update this.
  • Can I transfer my child?

    • List of schools accepting transfers: https://goo.gl/DJuMCu

    • Transfer application: https://goo.gl/1ygxSR

    • Dates to submit application for fall semester: March 1 - April 30 (reviewed by June 21)
    • Dates to submit application for spring semester: Oct 1 - Nov 30 (reviewed by Jan 14)
    • They only allow transfers to certain schools. The list changes periodically.
    • Even if your school is listed, transfers may still be denied.
    • If the child has disciplinary issues or is trying to transfer to a school far away, odds are less likely they will be approved.
    • Transferring from one school district to another (not just from one school to another inside the same district) requires a different process.
    • If your child is granted a transfer, it can be rescinded due to academic issues, behavior issues, or changes in overcrowding.
    • Communicate with the school principals about transfers
    • For elementary: If class sizes are at 90%+ capacity, requests will likely be denied
    • For questions email: leanne.shivers@kellerisd.net
  • Address lookup - Which schools would this address go to?: https://goo.gl/jfroHU

  • Feeder pattern - Which middle school and high school does my elementary schools feed to: https://goo.gl/74UXsx

  • Who to talk to:

    • You’re more than welcome to call me (Chandler Crouch). My team is happy to research to find answers. Direct: 817-484-5300, office: 817-381-3800 chandler@chandlercrouch.com, hello@chandlercrouch.com

    • Billy Kidd is in charge of analyzing demographics and proposing redistricting
    • Hudson Huff was in charge until Billy took over, so he is familiar with the history of any redistricting that took place.

March 4, 2017 Update

Lone Star rezoning. The change they were proposing wouldn't have immediately changed the overcrowding at the school. It was designed as a phase out that really wouldn't have had an impact for 5 years. They were basing it on saying homes were going to be built in the land next to the YMCA. That was proven to be false information because that land belongs to the Catholic church which still has plans to build a High School there. The demographer was basing his projection on A5 residential going there in about 5 years. It did not change just based on complaints

If you're curious whats going on with the Catholic High School plans that you may have heard about for years, just wait, but don't hold your breath. The Catholic Diocese is still raising funds for it, and they don't plan on selling the land.

March 3, 2017 Update:

I just got some more information from the gentleman that is in charge of proposing changes. He has been very helpful: Boundaries are decided by the need to meet TEA requirements for number of students per class based on the population of the district.

Boundaries can be adjusted to address highly populated areas, when space is available at existing campuses or by adding a new school and making adjustments.

The conversation begins in house, is shared with the school board, and is presented to the community through public meetings. The School Board will vote on the boundary changes, if passed, it is put in place and communicated on the district website.

Parents can request a campus transfer, those transfers are dependent on space availability K-12. A parent could send a request for a boundary change, but it’s subject to the information above

Aug. 30, 2016

NEWS: Secret Interview About Bubbles Makes the News

This is exciting! I hope this never gets old.

I found this in my inbox this morning:

Chandler Crouch Realtors in the News


After discussing real estate bubbles with superb journalist Andrew DePietro, he wrote 2 articles and used our company as a source! This guy writes incredibly well.

See what Andrew has to say about real estate bubbles in his article 6 States With the Biggest Real Estate Bubbles.

And the article Top 20 Cities Where Home Prices Are Skyrocketing.

To get all my thoughts on real estate bubbles and how Texas is affected by the current economic conditions see the blog post Is TX in a Housing Bubble (and my forecast).

Aug. 17, 2016

Is TX in a Housing Bubble? and my Forecast

I wrote this in bullet point format to save you time.

My take on housing:

Employment and housing are related. 

We have experienced way above average growth in employment, incomes, and overall prosperity and it’s reflected in home values increasing. Not to mention in a period before our boom home prices were essentially flat for 5 years.

When people think of the TX economy oil is top of mind, however TX actually has a very nice range of diversity among various (less thought of) job sectors/industries - manufacturing, construction, trade/transportation, education, info/tech mining/logging, financial, leisure/hospitality/tourism. When one is doing poor others are great. The oil bust isn’t devastating for this reason.

Housing is driven by supply and demand


Twice as many people migrated to TX than any other state since 2005 (this includes over 1.4 million folks through domestic migration).


Home starts are way up, but home construction in the DFW area is still less than 60 percent of the volume before the recession.

Existing home inventory is  3.5 months compared to 4.9 US average.

Cost of housing:

Despite high demand and low supply we still have some of the most affordable housing in the country.

It’s still cheaper to buy than rent (by roughly 3%).

Other supporting factors:

Home equity laws help support fluidity of sales.

No state income tax.

Large tax base coming from RE taxes means govt interest in stable housing long term. 

Concluding question:

We lead the country in population growth, job growth, our housing is cheap, its more expensive to rent, and we have a housing shortage. Why shouldn’t we lead the country in housing? (answer: We should. And we are. And we’re not in a bubble) 

My current assessment:

TX as a whole is not in a bubble. Midland is in a bubble (they’re economy is primarily fueled by oil). Houston, Austin, San Antonio are borderline. DFW is healthy.

My Forecast:

Housing will slow down, however there will be no bubble pop. It’ll go from mind blowing to just pretty good (which will still better than almost anywhere else in the country).


My take on bubbles:

A bubble happens when a boom is caused by something other than supply and demand… Usually when high (but false) expectations lead to speculative purchasing which drives prices into misalignment with market fundamentals.

If the rise is sharp, but still supported by market fundamentals, it isn’t a bubble no matter how big the boom is. 

My take on the Fitch report:

Fitch has been reporting that we’re overvalued since 2014. If they just say it long enough, they’ll eventually be right. The reality is we weren’t overvalued in 2014 and we aren’t now.

Fitch and others point toward a bubble in TX because they know oil is down and they don’t realize that the TX economy is well diversified among many sectors outside of energy.   

July 5, 2016

How to Get a Job: Lessons learned from 257 applicants in 10 days.

We recently hired to fill an entry level position at our company.

When a job posting includes "No experience is required," "full benefits," and being voted "Best Place to Work in Keller," it attracts a good amount of attention... We were shocked (and very thankful) to receive 257 applicants in about 10 days.

It's absolutely incredible to see.

My conclusion:

A TON of people have no clue how to apply for a job, but a few absolutely blew our socks off.

I wanted to share what the few did in the hopes that it might help you land your next job.

15 steps to be in the top 1% under consideration for the next job you apply for:

Step 1: If you've ever considered a career in real estate, give us a call first. We will begin interviewing for Realtor associates soon.

Step 2:



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June 14, 2016

MENTION: Jesus, Fox News, and Chandler Crouch Realtors

I was shocked to learn where a prospective buyer found our website... foxnews.com!!!!

It turns out that Realtor.com published another quote from us. This time Fox News and all sorts of other folks are re-posting the article.

Take a look, its worth a read:  http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2016/06/14/secrets-to-selling-home-for-over-asking-price/

If you want to know what advice we agree where we've seen different strategies prevail, contact our office for a free copy of our book Proven Strategies to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

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May 4, 2016

RANKED: #1 Realtor in Fort Worth. The winner is...

You guessed it! Chandler Crouch Realtors was voted #1 in Fort Worth!

We are very grateful for all your support.

We definitely have the best clients in Fort Worth! This is only because of YOU!

Thank you!


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May 4, 2016

MENTION: Realtor.com on buyer negotiation techniques

We're blown away... Realtor.com featured us again in one of their articles. This time Chandler is quoted about savvy buyer negotiation techniques.