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Jan. 13, 2020

The Most Popular Amenities to Look for When Renting an Apartment

As a renter, you have many choices to make—from location to square footage and, of course, amenities. But, as generations of renters change, so do the most popular amenities in rental communities and apartments.

Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll have certain needs to prioritize, as well as a number of preferences that can make or break a potential apartment. Although these choices vary by individual, there are some amenities that tend to gain more popularity than others. As such, the industry adapts and offers amenities that cater to the demands of the highest number of renters. Here are some of the most popular amenities for renters:

Apartment Amenities

Rental amenities Fort Worth Texas

When it comes to what you need in your home, it’s all about comfort. In areas with hot summers and/or cold winters, an HVAC system is a must, and it’s on the list of most renters. If you’re renting in Fort Worth, TX—or anywhere in the South, really—you definitely need an air-conditioning unit in your apartment. The same applies to an in-unit washer and dryer—a perk that boosts convenience and comfort by saving renters time and energy.

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Another important aspect of rental apartments—especially in a big city—is the space; not necessarily how much space you have, but rather how it’s divided for use. For example, storage space or a basement is also high on the list of preferred amenities. That’s because having a dedicated area where you can store your stuff translates into more usable space in the apartment—and less clutter. Renters also tend to look for balconies, patios, or outdoor space as part of their home.

Also on the list of most-desired amenities are those typically specific to the younger generation: high-speed internet and Wi-Fi for both work and entertainment. Another trend driven by generational differences gave rise to the abundance of pet-friendly apartments, which provide amenities for the furry friends of renters.

Community Amenities

Community space Fort Worth Texas

As for the larger community or building, renters also need usable common space. Consequently, parking or a garage ranked high on the list of community amenities renters demand. Additionally, younger renters are also asking for electric vehicle charging stations, as well—a new development since the eco-friendly movement picked up steam.

As far as entertainment, it’s only natural to prefer relaxation options close to home, especially for families with children. Therefore, many renters seek communities with pools and outdoor green spaces. Moreover, kids need space to play and nurture their connection with nature. So, a more private and protected green area inside a community is often important, especially to young parents.

Trends vary by generation, area, and interests. However, it’s interesting to see which amenities are most requested by renters. This offers insight into the lifestyle of the modern renter, and shows what perks are now considered absolute needs that people no longer consider living without.

About the author: Mihaela Buzec is a passionate reader and writer with an affinity for language and linguistics, as well as the latest technological developments. She discovered her passion for real estate at RENTCafé, and you can read more of her articles on their blog.

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Jan. 6, 2020

Best High Schools in Fort Worth Texas

Best high schools in Fort Worth Texas

High School education plays a crucial role in any student's life. Whether plans are to continue to post-secondary education, immediately enter the workforce and train through apprenticeships, a well rounded and positive high school experience can leave a lasting impact.

Fort Worth is full of well-rated High Schools that feature extensive lists of programs and extracurricular activities. Here are just some of the top schools in the area.

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R L Paschal High School | Boswell High School | Central High School | Harmony School of Innovation | South Hills High School | Western Hills High School | Nolan Catholic High School

R L Paschal High School

3001 Forest Park Blvd, Fort Worth Texas

RL paschel high school Fort Worth Texas

R L Paschal High School is in the Fort Worth Independent School District and is the largest and oldest in their district.  Founded in the 1880s, the school was known as Fort Worth High School. It was also in a different location than it is currently.  It was located at 200 South Jennings. In 1910 there was a fire that broke out in the school which forced a move to Canon and College street. The school was renamed to Central High School. R L  Paschal after a former principal who retired in 1935.  In 1955 the school again relocated to its current location where it still remains after outgrowing the former building.  There have been impressive alumni that came from the Paschal.  In 1950, Alan Bean graduate and went on to be an astronaut and was the fourth man to walk on the moon.  He also paced the Paschal flag on the moon.

There are 151 teachers at the school and 2,522 students in attendance.   Students have the opportunity to participate in the Gold Seal Program.  This Program offers innovative, industry-driven courses to match students' interests, learning styles, and college and career goals.  Students must have advanced coursework in all their core classes.  

View homes for sale near R L Paschal High School >>>

Boswell High School

5805 W Bailey Boswell Rd, Fort Worth Texas

Boswell high school Fort Worth Texas

Boswell High School is part of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District.  

Founded in 1962, it currently serves 1,898 students that attend the school.  There are 120 faculty members.  

There are a number of athletic opportunities for the students.  They include: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, powerlifting, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball and wrestling.

Clubs are established so that students may become involved in extracurricular programs that spark their interest and expand their knowledge.  Some of them include the Environmental Club - students bring awareness of environmental issues to the Boswell High School community. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America - a career and technical student organization that functions as a part of the Family and Consumer Science education curriculum.  It allows students to participate at the local, state and national levels. This club expands students leadership potential and develop skills for life.  It also addresses student concerns, including peer pressure, nutrition and fitness, career exploration, family relationships, teen violence and substance abuse.  Fish Heads Mentor Program - Students in the high grades assist incoming 9th graders transition to high school.  Those chosen to be mentors go through a rigorous interviews and competitive selection process.  The mentors connect with the freshmen a few times a month.  Thespians - for all students who want to be part of the Theatre events at the school.

There are courses offered through the College Board’s Advanced Placement that allow students to take college level coursework while still in highschool.

View homes for sale near Boswell High School >>>

Central High School

9450 Ray White Rd, Fort Worth Texas

Central high school Fort Worth Texas

Central High School opened its doors in August 2003.  It received its name due to the central location between the two other Keller Independent School District  high schools.  The mascot of the school is the Chargers and takes place in the form of a lightning bolt.  Central High School has 2,500 students with a freshman class of 700 students.  The school belongs to the Keller Independent School District. 

The mission of the school is that all students are inspired to learn, the value of character, courage to lead and commitment to service.

There are a number of clubs and organizations that students have the opportunity to participate in during their time at Central High School.  They include: Academic Decathlon, AVID club, Band, Battle of the Boks Team the Bolt Yearbook, CAM Club (Cosplay, Ane, Manga), Charger Champions, Circle of Friends, The Circuit Broadcast, French Club & French Honor Society, German Club, Green Cord,, Illuminator, Interact Club, Math UIL Team, Math Honor Society, National English Society, National Science Honor Society, Senior Class, Spanish Club, Student Council and Youth in Government.

Central High School has many sports programs that are available to the students.  There is also the Booster Club, which is a non-profit organization that provides equipment, funds and services for the athletic programs at Central.  The Booster club also provides scholarships for college bound athletes.

View homes for sale near Central High School >>>

Harmony School of Innovation - Fort Worth

8100 S Hulen St,  Fort Worth Texas

Harmony school of innovation Fort worth Texas

Harmony School of Innovation- Fort Worth is a public charter school for students in grades 6-12.  The school is part of the state-wide Harmony Public School system.   There are 57 Texas public charter schools that focus on Science, Math, Technology and Engineering.  The curriculum is student centered.  Their mission is that each student is prepared for higher education that is conducted in a safe, caring and collaborative atmosphere.  Harmony Schools are accredited by the Texas Education Agency. Students are enrolled through a lottery process.  Harmony School of Innovation - Fort Worth has 978 students enrolled in the school.  The average class size is 21. 66.1% of Harmony graduated attend a 4 year Institution and 25% attend a 2 year institution.

There are a number of courses offered through Tarrant County College during the school year.  Students must meet Texas Success Initiative standards and pay fees to enroll.

There are 5 campus values.  The acronym PRIDE are what will prepare the students for success.  THe PRIDE acronym stands for: Professionalism - appropriate language and clothings, honest and good manners.  Respect - Others students and staffs belongs are treated with respect.  Students show tolerance for different views and beliefs. Involvement - participation in school activities and events.  Effective use of time and planner.  Determination - personal and academic goals are constantly being worked on with enthusiasm and self motivation.  Excellence - Strives for high level of achievement, personal honors and awards.

While to school is highly focused academics and preparing their students for college, there are many sports programs that students may join.  In addition to sports, the school offers many clubs.  There are readiness and leadership programs for all students.  They also offer clubs to get the students moving such as zumba, ping pong and gardening.  There are many dedicated clubs that are academic oriented, and others just for fun.  They include : Anime, arts and crafts, Harry Potter, movies and rock art to name a few.

Harmony offers an after-school program that compliments the students education with fun and mentally stimulating experiences.  The class goes beyond the standard curriculum and focuses on the student’s interests.

View homes for sale near Harmony School of Innovation >>>

South Hills High School

6101 McCart Ave, Fort Worth Texas

South Hills High School opened on August 10, 1998.  The school only had 400 students as it was only a freshman campus.  Over the next three years a class was added making the school grades 9-12.  The student population increased yearly and soon an addition was needed to accommodate all the students.  There are currently 2,152 students enrolled in the school with 122 teaching staff.  The school is in the Fort Worth Independent School District

The school offers many athletic and club opportunities. These programs enrich the students high school experience.  The Lit Club is a group that meets to discuss reading, writing, speaking and listening. In the Lit Club they talk about the books they are reading and recommend books to the other students in the group.  The students are also challenged in speaking, communicating and how to be better listeners.  The library has all the equipment needed in order to make videos and music in their studio. 

View homes for sale near South Hills High School >>>

Western Hills High School

3600 Boston Avenue, Fort Worth Texas

Western Hills High School Fort Worth Texas

Western Hills High School was first opened on the same location as Arlington Heights High School in the fall of 1968.  There were 714 students that attended the school at that time.  In January 1969, the school moved to its new home where it still currently remains.  The enrollment jumped from 714 students to 2,243 students.  In 1980, the number of enrollments dropped to 2,052.  Although the enrollments went down, there was a need to expand and a second floor was added to the building.  In 2013, the school year ended with 1,503 students.  At the present time, Western Hills High School has approximately 900 students.  There is a Cougar that can be found in the front foyer that the class of 1973 paid for in memory of one of their students that was kidnapped and later found strangled to death. 

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps offers elective course and PE credit for the Western Hills High Students.  The courses focus on leadership development, self-discipline and responsible patriotic citizens.  Integrity, personal worth and physical fitness are of great importance.  For those interested in advanced course may enroll in the Aviation Honors Ground School proving they have met the prerequisites in their Freshman and Sophomore year.  Western Hills has the only Air Force JROTC program.  There are a variety of other clubs and sports programs the students could engage in. 

View homes for sale near Western Hills High School >>>

Nolan Catholic High School

4501 Bridge St, Fort Worth Texas

Nolan catholic high school Fort Worth Texas

Nolan Catholic School was founded in 1961 and serves students from grade 9 - 12.  There are approximately 850 students enrolled.  There are 64 faculty members, and 45% of the teachers have advanced degrees.  In 2019-2020, the school will be undergoing a $32 million enhancement.  This will include updates to the existing building, new classroom furniture, additional outdoor classrooms, a state of the art Natatorium and an Integrated Design of Engineering and Arts Building.  

The school addresses the whole person.  They aim for excellent academics, have an award winning fine arts program, champion level athletics, engineer programs and built on the Catholic faith.  The staff at Nolan Catholic school want to discover the students God given gifts and talents.  The school has impressive academics and is a college preparatory school.  99% of the graduates from the school attend college.  Students are offered the opportunity to do college level work and potentially earn college credit.  There are many student organizations that are available to students.  Some of them include: Ballet Folklorico, BBQ club, Cornhole Club and Improv Comedy Troupe to name a few.  Nolan Catholic School also has a vibrant athletic clubs.  

View homes for sale near Nolan Catholic High School >>>

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Dec. 23, 2019

The Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth Texas

Neighborhood guide Fort Worth tx

Anyone who lives in Fort Worth, Texas or is familiar with the area knows the city is home to a large number of great neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for family friendly locations or something close to the hustle and bustle of downtown, Fort Worth has neighborhoods that suit all walks of life. 

No matter what area of Fort Worth you choose to call home, there is quick and easy access to its thriving downtown core, diverse business center and historic cultural district. The city offers great amenities, resources, dining, entertainment and shopping which can be accessed with ease.

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Central Meadowbrook | Overton Park | Rivercrest | Tanglewood | Crawford Farms | Ridglea Hills | Park Glen

Here are just a handful of the best places in Fort Worth and what makes them so great!

Central Meadowbrook

Central Meadowbrook homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Set among heavily wooded areas and gentle rolling hills is the neighborhood of Central Meadowbrook. 

Close to amenities, parks and golf courses are just a few of the reasons this area has become a popular choice for those moving to Fort Worth or around the city.

Real Estate:

The earliest homes built in Central Meadowbrook date back to the early 1920’s. The majority of the houses built went up post World War II and development continued through to the 70’s and 80’s. 

As some lots remained available, new houses have popped up more recently in the area. 

There is diverse housing styles in Central Meadowbrook. Stately mansions, some with historical significance, bungalows and tudor styles can all be found throughout the tree lined streets. 

As the style of homes vary so do the prices. Smaller, cozy bungalows can be found as low as $180,000 with larger mansions topping out well over $1 million. 

Residents of Central Meadowbrook benefit from an active and engaged homeowners association that strives to provide opportunities for community as well as maintain property values. 

What’s Nearby:

There is plenty to see and do in the Central Meadowbrook area. Notably, within the neighborhood boundaries is the Meadowbrook Golf Course which features an 18 hole course set among rolling terrain and mature landscape. Well kept greens with varying degrees of difficulty has landed Meadowbrook Golf Course on the Top 25 courses in Texas list. 

Nearby parks and greenspace include Oakland Lake Park, Gateway Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the nation and Quanah Park which offers direct connection to the Trinity Trail network. 

Just south of Central Meadowbrook is East Lancaster Avenue which is home to a large number of dining and retail options and a quick drive for anyone living in the neighborhood. 


The Fort Worth Independent School District operates the schools in and surrounding the Central Meadowbrook neighborhood. 

Schools in the Central Meadowbrook area are:

View all homes for sale in Central Meadowbrook, Fort Worth >>>

Overton Park

Overton park homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Located slightly south of the Clear Fork branch of the Trinity River is the quiet and welcoming neighborhood of Overton Park. 

Running by Overton Park is the Trinity River and the Trinity Trails network adding a sense of serenity to the area. 

Real Estate:

The neighborhood of Overton Park is made up of approximately 1,000 homes. The dominating style of home in Overton Park is classic Texas Ranch single family properties. 

The majority of homes were built between 1955 and 1968 and features 4 bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms and an attached single or double car  garages. Properties can be found listed as low as $400,000 but quickly climb to over $1 million depending on size, age and amenities. 

The neighborhood benefits from the Overton Park Neighborhood Associations which works to ensure the standard of living that residents enjoy is continually maintained. The Association also hosts a number of events and community activities throughout the year. 

What’s Nearby:

Residents of Overton Park have prime access to the appropriately named Overton Park. The park features access to the Trinity River and the network of trails. 

Overton Park is conveniently located near major roadways and highways which makes commuting a breeze for those needing to get around the city. 

The neighborhood is also close to a wide array of shopping, retail and dining options. The Overton Park Plaza, Hulen Mall, Costco, Target and much more is within minutes of Overton Park. 


Schools that service the Overton Park neighborhood are operated by the Fort Worth Independent School District. 

Schools in the Overton Park area are:

Overton Park is also near the Texas Christian University Campus. 

View all homes for sale in Overton Park, Fort Worth >>>


Rivercrest homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Located west of downtown Fort Worth is the prestigious neighborhood of Rivercrest. Surrounding the Rivercrest Country Club, residents of the area enjoy upscale living. 

The community of Rivercrest, technically named Crestline, dates back to 1911 when the first house was built in the area. The neighborhood took off between 1917 and 1918 when top oil men chose to build their houses in the area. 

Rivercrest is situated along bluffs with riverviews. The area is surrounded by wooded sections which are filled with walking trails. 

Real Estate:

Many of the homes in Rivercrest date back to the early 1900’s. The neighborhood features a number of historic mansions as well as tudor style and comfortable and cozy bungalows. 

Homes within the exclusive neighborhood of Rivercrest typically start over the $1 million dollar mark and can easily reach over $5 million for some of the larger, stately homes. 

Mainly consisting of properties with 3 - 6 bedrooms and 2 - 5 bathrooms, homes in Rivercrest also are set on comfortable, mature lots with single, double or triple car garages. 

What’s Nearby:

The Rivercrest Country Club is a luxury that residents of the neighborhood enjoy. Access to the pristine course and upscale club house have avid golfers frequenting Rivercrest Country Club. 

Along with the golf course, Rivercrest is surrounded by wooded areas that feature greenspace and winding trails that are the ideal setting for walks, jogs or bicycle rides. 

Set just a few miles from downtown Fort Worth residents of Rivercrest have easy access to the amenities, services, shopping and dining options offered. 


Schools in the Rivercrest area are operated by the Fort Worth Independent School District. 

Schools in the Rivercrest area are:

View all homes for sale in Rivercrest, Fort Worth >>>


Tanglewood homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Tanglewood is a safe and family friendly neighborhood located slightly southwest of downtown Fort Worth. Tanglewood is situated in the lowlands along the branch of the Trinity River featuring many properties with mature lots and large trees. 

Tanglewood is conveniently located near Chisholm Trail Parkway making access to areas surrounding Fort Worth a breeze. 

Real Estate:

The neighborhood of Tanglewood consists of mainly ranch style properties that due to land restrictions feature double car attached garages. Though the majority of housing in Tanglewood is single story residences there are a number of two storey properties throughout. 

Many of the homes for sale in Tanglewood boast between 3 - 5 bedrooms and 2 - 4 bathrooms. The prices can be found encompassing a wide range starting in the low to mid $300,000’s and see over $1 million. 

What’s Nearby:

Residents of Tanglewood enjoy access to a bicycle and walking path that meanders through the neighborhood. Along with the path is the Trinity Trails network which offers scenic strolling. 

Located just outside of the downtown core of Fort Worth, those who live in Tanglewood are within minutes to restaurants, retail shopping and entertainment options.

The Colonial Country Club is on the northern end of the neighborhood and offers a prime golfing experience. The County Club serves delicious drinks and meals and acts as the perfect location for relaxing after a round of golf. 


Schools in and surrounding the Tanglewood neighborhood are serviced by the For Worth Independent School District. 

Schools in the Tanglewood area are:

View all homes for sale in Tanglewood, Fort Worth >>>

Crawford Farms

Crawford Farms homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Crawford Farms is an award winning neighborhood bound by the Golden Triangle to the north and Old Denton Road to the west. This well maintained and family friendly neighborhood is full of amenities that will enhance any lifestyle. 

Running along the west side of Crawford Farms is Interstate 35W which runs directly into the downtown core of Fort Worth landing commuters in the area in under 20 minutes. 

Real Estate:

The planned neighborhood of Crawford Farms consists of roughly 1,072 homes which were developed between the years 2001 and 2009. 

A very affordable neighborhood, Crawford Farms features newer homes with 2 - 4 bedrooms and 2 - 3 bathrooms. Many of the properties have single or double attached garages and comfortable lots. Prices for homes in Crawford Farms range between $200,000 - $450,000. 

What’s Nearby:

Residents of Crawford Farms do not have to travel outside of their neighborhood to enjoy a wide assortment of amenities. The area features a large fishing pond, community pool, walking and cycling trails, basketball courts, tennis courts, outdoor gym and playground all for community use. 

The Crawford Farms Homeowners Association actively works at maintaining the common areas, ensures codes and violations are dealt with and provide ample opportunity for neighborhood and community events. 

When venturing out Crawford Farms residents will have quick and easy access to stores, parks and restaurants all surrounding the neighborhood. 

Downtown Fort Worth is a short 20 minute drive making it an ideal neighborhood for those commuting for work or play. 


The schools that service Crawford Farms are operated by the Keller Independent School District. 

Schools in the Crawford Farms area are:

View all homes for sale in Crawford Farms, Fort Worth >>>

Ridglea Hills

Ridglea hills homes for sale  Fort Worth tx

Located just six miles from Fort Worth’s business district is the vibrant neighborhood of Ridglea Hills. The neighborhood dates back to 1920 when founder A. C. Luther, “The Father of Ridglea” built a golf course in the area. Soon after residential homes sprung up surrounding the course and Ridglea Hills was born. 

The neighborhood provides easy access to all areas of Fort Worth, particularly the west side featuring attractions such as the Cultural District, fine dining and great shopping. 

Real Estate:

Ridglea Hills is home to approximately 1,300 homes that range in size and style. Properties can be found representing a wide variety of time periods. 

As much diversity one would find in property style, they will also find in prices. Homes in Ridglea Hills can be found as low as $130,000 to upwards of $1.5 million. Influencing factors include size, age, amenities and lot size. 

When purchasing a home for sale in Ridglea Hills owners become part of an active Homeowners Association whose efforts maintain common areas and a high standard of living for its residents. 

What’s Nearby:

Ridglea Hills is surrounded by Chisholm Trail Parkway to the east and Interstate 30 to the north making travel around the area an easy task. 

In the direct vicinity of Ridglea Hills is the Ridglea Hills Country Club offering premier golfing. The North Z Boaz Park and the Z Boaz Dog Park are just to the west of the neighborhood. 

Within minutes of the neighborhood there are a large number of restaurants, dining and service office for residents of Ridglea Hills to benefit from. 

For those who work in downtown Fort Worth commuting should take roughly 12 minutes via the Interstate 30 E, making it a popular choice for those looking for a suburban neighborhood close to downtown jobs and amenities. 


The schools that service the Ridglea Hills neighborhood are operated by the Fort Worth Independent School District. 

Schools in the Ridglea Hills area are: 

View all homes for sale in Ridglea Hills, Fort Worth >>>

Park Glen

Park Glen homes for sale Fort Worth tx

Park Glen is one of Fort Worth’s first planned neighborhoods and was developed by Ross Perot Jr. Park Glen is an award winning community that offers an abundance of amenities, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and affordable real estate options. 

Along with its attractive amenities, Park Glen is also ideally located for commuters of Fort Worth or even Dallas. Set just west of Interstate 35 and south of North Tarrant Parkway, Park Glen provides easy access points to major highways and roadways. 

Real Estate:

The Park Glen neighborhood began its development in the late 1980’s and continued to grow steadily since then. 

Homes in Park Glen can be found in a range of styles from different time periods. A healthy mix of older, mature properties with newer modern options are available for those seeking real estate in the area. 

Park Glen listings can be found between $200,000 and $500,000 making it a rather affordable neighborhood. The majority of homes in Park Glen are single family dwellings featuring 2 - 4 bedrooms and 2 - 3 bathrooms. It is common to find single or double car attached garages. 

What’s Nearby: 

The neighborhood of Park Glen features a number of amenities for residents to use such as 7 parks, trails, disc golf, playgrounds, picnic areas and greenspace. 

A unique feature of Park Glen is the Arcadia Trail Park that runs through the heart of the neighborhood adding ample greenspace and forestry throughout. This 217 acre park offers walking, jogging and biking paths, scenic areas, playgrounds tennis courts and soccer fields. 

For everyday errand running, Park Glen is close to many stores, shopping outlets and service offices. 


Schools in the Park Glen neighborhood are operated by the Keller Independent School District and the Birdville School District. 

Some of the schools in the Park Glen area are:

View all homes for sale in Park Glen, Fort Worth >>>

Fort Worth is a city that promotes diversity and welcomes all who wish to call it home and the same can be said for the many neighborhoods throughout. Regardless of your wants and needs Fort Worth is a place where anyone can move to and feel right at home.

View all homes for sale in Fort Worth, Texas >>>


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The Best Elementary Schools in Fort Worth Texas

Elementary school guide Fort Worth TX

Education plays a vital role in any child’s development, especially the early years. Sending your children off to school can cause any parent a whirlwind of emotions. Knowing you are leaving them in the hands of caring and qualified teachers in an accepting environment will bring peace of mind to both parents and students. 

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Bonnie Brae Elementary School | Tanglewood Elementary SchoolFort Worth Academy | Kay Granger Elementary School | Eagle Ridge Elementary School | Lily B. Clayton Elementary School

Bonnie Brae Elementary School

3504 Kimbo Rd, Fort Worth TX

Bonnie Brae Elementary School fort worth tx

Bonnie Brae Elementary School is located in the northeast section of Fort Worth and there are 465 students who attend the school. It first opened its doors in 2003 and received it’s name from the former school, Bonnie Brae School which is located 3 blocks from the current school. The school is in the Fort Worth ISD school district. Teachers that work at Bonnie Brae Elementary School has a great deal of experience, with an average teacher’s experience of 13.8 years. 

View homes for sale near Bonnie Brae Elementary School >>>

Tanglewood Elementary School

3060 Overton Park Dr, Fort Worth TX

Tanglewood elementary school fort worth tx

Tanglewood Elementary School has been in operation for nearly 60 years.  The school has students from kindergarten to grade 5.  In 1960, Cass Edwards gifted the land to the city for only $1.00  with the understanding that it would be used to build a public school.  The Parent Teacher Association has been paramount to cover any expenses that the school was unable to afford.  The schools neighbors have also been very important as their funding has allowed the school to offer many activities.   Due to the generous donations and fundraising Tanglewood Elementary is able to provide a computer lab that is staffed, after school classes, a science lab, computers and iPads in each classroom, playground equipment, additional material for the teachers and opportunities for personal development for the teachers. 

The staff at Tanglewood Elementary School are certified in Talented and Gifted Education.  This greatly benefits the students as the teachers change their method of instruction to meet the students needs. 

There is a dress code that students are expected to follow.  The expectation is that students wear solid navy, white or blue-denim collared shirts.  The pants or skirt need to be solid navy, khaki, black or blue-denim.  The socks that students wear need to be one solid color.  This is the same for sweaters. 

Every Friday the school celebrates Tanglewood Spirit Day.  Students are encouraged to wear a Tanglewood spirit shirt with approved bottoms.  On the first Monday of the month is College Spirit Day.  Students are allowed to wear college shirts. 

Tanglewood offers after-school enrichment classes.  One of the most well attended classes is the Slime Machine.  Students have the chance to make different types of slime, oobleck and floam.  There are a variety of sport classes where the students learn drills, coordination and rules.  

View homes for sale near Tanglewood Elementary School >>>

Fort Worth Academy

76132 Dutch Branch Rd, Fort Worth TX

Fort worth academy Fort Worth TX

Fort Worth Academy is a private elementary school. The Academy specialized in education for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8.   Students are personally greeted every morning by the head of the school.  They provide the children with a foundation of success in their personal and academic life. Due to the innovative 1:1 Laptop Program the school was honored with the Lausanne Learning Institute.  

All children are uniquely different and so are their learning styles.  Fort Worth Academy is the first school in Texas that has become fully trained in All Kinds of Minds.  This course provides teachers with learning variations and the tools to assist them in addressing the learning differences in their classrooms.  Classes are kept small so that children are given a customized education.  Technology is included in all aspects of the students learning.  

Taking ownership of their education is encouraged by all students.  Courses can be supplemented through online courses.  High school and some college courses and programs are offered.  Children who attend the Academy are thoroughly prepared and recruited by local high schools.  

The campus is equipped with everything to help the children succeed. The school has three science labs.  The Lower School science labs provide children with hands on science lessons and age appropriate experiments.  There are also two Middle School science labs where real time scientific experiments are done.  Fort Worth Academy has four Collaboratories. The word “collaboratory” comes from the words collaboration and laboratory.  They are large open spaces that are easily accessible and centrally located for students to action research and action learning with other students. This provides students the opportunity to interact with students from different grades.

The Academy has a regulation baseball diamond, football and soccer field.  The gymnasium is well equipped for volleyball, basketball and physical education. There are also facilities for performing arts and music as well as a visual art studio.

View homes for sale near Fort Worth Academy >>>

Kay Granger Elementary School

12771 Saratoga Springs Cir, Fort Worth, Texas

Kay granger elementary school Fort Worth TX

At Kay Granger Elementary School the children are the number one priority.  The school opened in August 2007.  At that time the school had 405 students that attended.  This year it is anticipated that they will be over 750 students.  The school is for children in kindergarten to grade 5. 

The school has won a number of awards.  They include Exemplary Rating in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, National School of Character in 2013 and 2018, and NISD Partner in Education Campus of the year in 2011 and 2012.  

Granger Elementary is a welcoming and friendly place with no shortage of volunteers in their school community.  There have been thousands of volunteers hours logged over the past years. Having the parents and community support is crucial for the success of the school.

View homes for sale near Kay Granger Elementary School >>>

Eagle Ridge Elementary School

4600 Alta Vista Rd, Fort Worth, Texas

Eagle ridge elementary school Fort Worth Tx

At Eagle Ridge Elementary School there are many clubs and after school activities for the students. Fun, Fellowship and Fitness is the goal of the running club. During the school year there are five co-curricular classes that are offered.  The students will rotate through Physical Education, Library, Art and Music. 

There is a housing system at Eagle Ridge.  Students are randomly placed in 6 different houses. They will remain in the same house during their duration at Eagle Ridge.  The houses are similar to teams.  The houses will have a color, a name, mascot, chants and cheers. The character traits from the Wizard of Oz is what inspired the houses.  They are strength, hope, compassion, courage, friendship and respect.  The students get the opportunity to work for house points. To earn a house point, students must follow the Eagle Essentials, which are ten rules that students must abide to.  Houses that have the most points at the end of the week and after 6 weeks are celebrated. The flag of the house with the most points is displayed in the hall. 

The school has implemented a 5 to Thrive program, which is daily mini lessons that teach the students to have confidence and a graceful and elegant attitude. Every morning there is a short lesson about the skill of the week. Each week focuses on a different skill. After the lesson, the teachers demonstrate and practice what was just taught.

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Lily B. Clayton Elementary School

2000 Park Place Fort Worth, Texas

Lily b Clayton elementary school Fort Worth Tx

Lily B. Clayton Elementary opened in February 1922 as Mistletoe Heights Elementary School.  The school had only 79 students and three teachers. Fort Worth had not had a female principle before Lulu Parker as she was the first woman to hold this title. The school was named after a well loved teacher, Lily Clayton. She began her career in 1885 and taught for 50 years. 

Lily B. Clayton Elementary School has grown a great deal since 1922.  The school now employees 31 full time teachers and has 560 students attending the school.  The school has students from kindergarten to Grade 5.

All the children at the Lily B wear uniforms.  It is the school’s belief that if the students wear uniforms it will promote a more serious learning environment.  Students are only allowed to wear jeans on Fridays. 

There are 2 elementary schools in Fort Worth that have been designated as a 2-way Dual Language Enrichment School.  In 2013, Lily B Clayton became one of them.  The program started with the kindergarten class of that year and will continue up through all the grades.

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Nov. 29, 2019

Living & Moving To Fort Worth, Texas: The Definitive Guide

Living in Fort Worth Texas

Considering a move to Fort Worth, Texas? This guide aims to assist those looking for information on the area, while highlighting all the reasons so many are choosing to call Fort Worth home. Whether your move is from another state, country or continent, Living in Fort Worth, Texas: The Definitive Guide aims to provide you with all you’ll need to know about life in Fort Worth!

Being the 5th largest city in Texas and the 13th largest city in the United States, Fort Worth has so much to offer. Beautiful neighborhoods, thriving economy, excellent education and an entertainment scene that offers something new every day of the year have people flocking to Fort Worth, Texas. 

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General Overview | Origins | Business & Jobs | Education | Where To Live | Transporation | Restaurants | Events

General Overview of Fort Worth Texas

where is fort worth texas

Where is Fort Worth, Texas Located?

Fort Worth is located in North Texas, set roughly 36 miles to the west of Dallas. Covering a total of 350 square miles, the city of Fort Worth is the county seat for Tarrant County. However, it encompasses 3 additional county’s, Denton, Parker and Wise. Fort Worth is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area which is the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the United States. 

Why do people move to Fort Worth, Texas?

Fort Worth, Texas offers its residents an abundance of amenities and activities all while maintaining a small town feel. A strong sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere have people eagerly considering Fort Worth as their next home. In Fort Worth, homes can often sell before purchase, so many home buyers find ways to store their belongings while they continue their house hunt.

Fort Worth’s proximity to Dallas makes it an ideal location for commuters. According to https://www.bestplaces.net, Fort Worth has a lower cost of living than its counterpart, however, due to its location residents can still enjoy all the benefits of Dallas.

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What are Fort Worth’s origins?

history of fort worth tx

The city of Fort Worth was named after Major General William Jenkins Worth, who was the commander of the Department of Texas in 1849. Along with 6 other forts, Fort Worth was established as an army post to protect settlers during the Mexican War. The post was later abandoned in 1853. 

Redevelopment of the town happened years later as Fort Worth was a stop along the legendary Chisholm Trail. Fort Worth was stimulated by the millions of heads of cattle that were driven through town, eventually being nicknamed “Cow Town”.

The town took another hit during the Civil War as it experienced mass shortages of food, money and supplies, seeing the population drop to a mere 175 people. 

Recovery came in the form of the opening of general stores and Tidball, Van Zandt, and Company, which became Fort Worth National Bank in 1884.

Over the next century Fort Worth experienced growth and development with help from the oil gushing in West Texas. During this time Fort Worth was in the middle of the action. 

During the period between 2000-2006 Fort Worth was the fastest growing city in the United States and was voted one of “America’s most livable cities”. 

Business and Jobs in Fort Worth

careers in fort worth tx

Fort Worth has a stable economy that is predicted to experience significant growth in the near future according to bestplaces.net. Over the last year there was an increase of 2.7% with future growth over the next decade expected to reach 41.5%. This is significantly higher than the national average which is only anticipated to reach 33.5%. 

Residents of Fort Worth also enjoy a lower than average unemployment rate of 3.6% vs. the national average of 3.9%. Industries in Fort Worth are rather diverse, seeing an evenly mixed job force. Some notable sectors are:

Health Care - 12.4%
Manufacturing - 11.5%
Retail Trade - 11.2%
Construction - 7.3%
Educational Services - 8.5%

Other sectors include dining and hospitality, finance and insurance and arts and entertainment. 

Notable companies with their headquarters in Fort Worth are American Airlines Group, John Peter Smith Hospital, Pier 1 Imports, RadioShack, Cash America International and GM Financial. In addition, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, GE Transportation and telecommunication giant AT&T, all have a heavy presence in Fort Worth, Texas. 

What can you expect to be paid in Fort Worth?

mining careers fort worth texas

The average salary in Fort Worth, Texas is approximately $63,000 according to payscale.com. Keep in mind this amount heavily depends on the job, experience and education. For those part of a double salary home, this is over $100,000 per year!

The highest paid industries in Fort Worth are Mining, Quarrying and Oil & Gas Extraction at $77,098, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting and Mining at $76,892 and Management of Companies and Enterprises at $73,870.00.

Other well paying jobs are Software Engineers being paid close to $75,000 or jobs in Operations Management which pay around $65,000.

Education in Fort Worth

elementary schools fort worth tx

The majority of schools in Fort Worth are serviced by the Fort Worth Independent School District. Within the FWISD there are 83 Elementary Schools, 29 middle Schools, 21 High Schools and 16 special campuses. 

There are 15 other school districts around the city of Fort Worth that have schools within the city boundaries. Regardless of the district that provides education, you can be sure to find caring staff and welcoming teachers at any of the educational institutes within Fort Worth. 

Alternative Education options:

There are a wide array of alternative education options within Fort Worth, Texas for those interested in a different path. They come in both religious and non-religious forms as well as 3 state charter schools. The majority of these private schools provide education from kindergarten through to grade 12 at the same institution.

Post-Secondary Education:

texas christian university fort worth tx

Fort Worth is home to 15 institutes of higher education. Some Universities, Colleges and Schools include:

Texas Christian University
University of Texas at Arlington (downtown Fort Worth campus)
Texas A&M University School of Law
Tarrant County College
University of North Texas Health Science Center
The Art Institute of Fort Worth
Fisher More College
The Culinary School of Fort Worth

These, among other establishments of higher learning have been drawing students to Fort Worth from all over the country and the world. 

Where to live in Fort Worth?

where to live in fort worth tx

Central Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook is a larger neighborhood located in the eastside of Fort Worth. Residents of this area would then further narrow down the neighborhood into west Meadowbrook and central Meadowbrook. The eastern portion is just referred to as Meadowbrook. 

Central Meadowbrook offers a wide array of real estate types from comfortable bungalows to large estates. There are a number of homes in the neighborhood that have some historical significance as the earliest builds were done at the turn of the century. 

The majority of the houses in Central Meadowbrook were constructed post WWII and continued through the 70’s and 80’s with a handful of new homes popping up on available lots. Home prices are as diverse as property types. Listings can be found starting at $115,000 for a bungalow and climbing to just under $1 million for a larger estate style.

The area is popular for many due to its ideal location which is close to downtown Fort Worth as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Central Meadowbrook is home to the Meadowbrook golf course as well as Oakland Park, Gateway Park and nearby Quanah Parker Park which connects to the network of paths in Trinity Trails.

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Arlington Heights

arlington heights fort worth tx

Located between Interstate 30W and Camp Bowie Road is the well sought after neighborhood of Arlington Heights. This well maintained, family-friendly area was mainly developed during the 1920’s. The majority of homes are bungalow or tudor style properties set on generous lots with mature trees. Arlington Heights is just outside of the cultural district of Fort Worth and lays next to some of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Due to this fact, the area has become increasingly popular and property values have been on the rise. Generally, homes range between $250,000 and $650,000, however it is not uncommon to find a million dollar property within in the mix. Developers have caught wind of the area and its ideal location and have constructed a number of townhome complexes and condo communities along the outer edges of the neighborhood.

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One of Fort Worth’s most prestigious neighborhoods is Rivercrest. Full of greenspace and mainly surrounded by the Rivercrest Country Club, this area is home to a mix of real estate types. Mainly found within the area are large mansions with some tudor style and bungalows throughout. Many of the older homes have been replaced by new construction. Homes in the Rivercrest neighborhood are listed between 3.4 million and 5.5 million making it one of Fort Worth’s most expensive neighborhoods.

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Overton Park

overton park fort worth tx

Located south west of downtown Fort Worth, Overton Park is nestled just south of the Clear Fork Branch of Trinity River. Overton Park consists of approximately 1,000 traditional Texas style single family homes. The neighborhood is popular for residents as it is well established, featuring mature trees and close proximity to major roadways and highways. Residents of the neighborhood enjoy access to Overton Park as well as the Trinity trail system that winds through the area. Homes in Overton Park range greatly seeing listings as low as $400,000 that then climb upwards of $1 million dollars.

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Crawford Farms

The award-winning neighborhood of Crawford Farms is located in the north end of Fort Worth. 

Developed between the years of 2001 and 2009, Crawford Farms is home to 1,072 properties. 

When purchasing a property in Crawford Farms, residents become part of an active homeowners association that is constantly working to maintain and improve the standard of living. The association fees are allocated to care for common areas, the community pool and more. Homes in Crawford Farms are extremely affordable, ranging between $200,000 and $400,000, making it an ideal location for first time home buyers, young families and retirees.

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Transportation In Fort Worth

transportation in fort worth texas

The most popular public transit system for travelling around Fort Worth is the bus system, Trinity Metro. Operating 46 bus routes around Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs, Trinity Metro connects riders with all areas of town. 

Fort Worth is home to two commuter rail lines. TEXRail which connects passengers to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and the Trinity Railway Express. TRE is a joint endeavor with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) providing rail service from downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas. 

A carpool/van service is available for groups of at least 7 individuals that are headed to the same area. This “pay for what you use” service collects passengers from a specific location and brings them to a common drop off. 

For residents requiring assistance while using public transit, the Trinity Metro Access system is available offering door-to-door service within the areas of Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Blue Mound and River Oaks. 

Destinations nearby:

dallas texas near fort worth texas

Distance to major cities and airports from Fort Worth:

Dallas, Texas - 32.4 miles
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - 22.6 miles
Austin, Texas - 180 miles
San Antonio, Texas - 260 miles
Houston, Texas - 261 miles

Restaurants in Fort Worth

fort worth tx restaurants

Fort Worth is full of flavor and culture when it comes to restaurant options. Regardless of your mood, there is something for every palate in Fort Worth’s dining scene.

Some of the best restaurants in Fort Worth:

The Capital Grille

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, The Capital Grille serves up warm and welcoming elegance, along with their mouth watering steaks. One visit and you will soon understand why they were the recipient of the American Culinary Federation’s “Achievement of Excellence Award”.

Texas de Brazil

A unique blend of southern comfort food with the worldly flair of Brazilian fare. Texas de Brazil serves up traditional steakhouse style meals, or try it all with the churrascaria option. Vegetarians need not dismay! Texas de Brazil features an extensive salad bar with over 50 items and hand crafted dressing. 

Istanbul Grill

The 2019 recipient of the Certificate of Excellence Award, Istanbul Grill invites you to take a trip to the Mediterranean via your taste buds. Traditional plates made with fresh, top quality ingredients will have you enjoying every bite of their impressive menu. 

What to do in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a city where something is always happening! Here are a few of the annual events, arts and culture, outdoor activities and beautiful parks you can enjoy while living in Fort Worth, Texas. 

stock show and rodeo fort worth tx

Stock Show and Rodeo

Running from mid-January to early February, the Stock Show and Rodeo is an action packed event featuring horse shows, rodeo action and numerous family-friendly activities. Live entertainment, a carnival experience and downtown parade are just some of the things to take in. Food trucks and nearly four acres of shopping will have everyone busy at this annual event. 

National Day of the American Cowboy

Hosted in the Stockyards National Historic District, this tribute to the American Cowboy and Wild West has been named the “Best Cowboy Tribute” by the Western lifestyle magazine. With activities and entertainment for the whole family, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Texas Motor Speedway

texas motor speedway living in fort worth tx

While races happen throughout the year, two weekends are set aside to play host to the stars of NASCAR and INDYCAR racing. The only stop in the Lone Star State, this event will have racing enthusiasts flocking to the Texas Motor Speedway. Enjoy the thrill and excitement in March and October!

Along with these great events, the city of Fort Worth routinely has festivals, activities and entertainment happening on any given day. Celebrating all major holidays such as Easter, Fourth of July and Christmas, there is no shortage of things to do in Fort Worth. 

Lone Star International Film Festival

Held in Sundance Square, the Lone Star International Film Festival is the highlight of the Lone Star Film Society. This annually anticipated event features upcoming films, meet and greets and Q and A’s with directors and stars. 

Main St. Fort Worth’s Art Festival

main st. fort worth art festival

Truly a place to enjoy and celebrate art in all forms, the Main St. Art Festival features more than 300 live performances and 200 juried artists. Take in the sights and sounds from musicians, sculptures and crafters from all over during this highly attended four day event. 

Fort Worth is home to a plethora of art galleries, museums and cultural centers. The world renown Cultural District is situated just a mile from downtown and celebrates all types of art and science. 

Check out these great establishments, among others:

  • Bass Performance Hall
  • Jubilee Theater
  • Fort Worth Opera
  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • Fort Worth Stockyards Museum 
  • Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  • Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Fort Worth Water Garden

fort worth water gardens

Dubbed a “cooling oasis in the concrete jungle”, the Fort Worth Water Garden is an urban park containing 3 pools of water. Spend the afternoon strolling through the spectacular greenspace or taking in the scenery on one of the benches situated throughout.

Heritage Park Plaza

This modern park consists of interconnecting rooms constructed out of concrete which come alive by flowing water walls, channels and pools. A sight to be seen!

ZBONZ & Fort Woof Dog Parks

These off leash dog parks will give your furry friends a place to burn off energy and socialize. Fort Woof, an award winning dog park, features an agility course, water fountains and shelters. 

Trinity Trail

trinity trail fort worth tx

With more than 70 miles of scenic trail networks, the Trinity Trail system branches out to all areas of Fort Worth. Whether walking, running, biking or horseback, this trail system will offer a chance to enjoy being outdoors and active. 

Following along the Trinity River, the trails run through a number of area parks, which are the perfect place to stop and picnic. Stop at Airfield Falls, the areas longest natural waterfall, or take your rods to Marines Creek for a relaxing day of fishing. 

Could Fort Worth be the next place you call home?

We hope this guide was able to give you a glimpse into all Fort Worth, Texas has to offer! From welcoming neighborhoods, exceptional schools, dining and activities, there truly is something for everyone in Fort Worth!

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5 Ways in Which Millennials Are Redefining the Multi-family Housing Market

Millennials Are Redefining the Multi-family in Texas

Millennials—those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s—are very influential in the real estate sector. While many lead a single lifestyle, they are also the most likely group to be having babies right now. As they have to survive in today’s economic climate they will often choose to live in multi-family housing, and anybody working in that sector must keep in step with their needs. Millennials are often waiting longer to purchase a home, so the multi-family rental market is highly aimed toward this generation.

More Space

Millennials face a problem. Not only have rent prices and property prices increased but that apartment sizes have actually been getting smaller, RENTCafe data reveals. From 2008 to 2018, average studio and 1-bedroom apartment sizes decreased from 573 square feet to 514 square feet and from 790 to 757 square feet, respectively. This has meant that in order to find affordable space for their growing families Millennials have been looking for properties further out of town, or in cities with lower prices. Real estate agents specializing in this area may find the market widening, while multi-family constructors may feel encouraged to build properties for young families in areas they wouldn’t have considered in the past.

More Features

Millennials can be quite demanding—as maybe you’d expect from people who claim they have to work harder than previous generations and yet pay more for their accommodation and live further out of town! Some of the things they want in their rentals are top-quality washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers. To keep themselves and their families secure they often like to see security guards on the premises. Luxury goods and extra staff on the payroll can be expensive, but providers of multi-family housing would do well to pay attention to these demands: this age group is one of the most populous generations in US history, their spending power will increase, and they and their children can be valuable clients.

More Fitness

mutli-family millennials

In addition to all this, Millennials demand a lot from themselves, hoping that whatever place they live in provides recreational facilities where they can work out and perhaps participate in fitness classes. And by doing this Millennials have another way to be with other people like themselves: enjoying exercising together, performing aerobics to the same music, relaxing afterward in the same lounge area, and so on. To provide facilities that ensure 20- and 30-somethings can keep themselves in top condition, multi-family housing developers need to take these demands into account when starting future projects, and agents will find them to be great selling points.

More Online Shopping

Millennials grew up with the Internet and like few things better than being online—but some of those activities have knock-on effects. Online shopping—an attractive option as actually going out to shop eats into valuable time that could be spent at the office or the gym—results in Items that have to be delivered, and residents won’t always be at home to receive them. A concierge employed by the building will take delivery, but this adds to the service charge. A new idea Millennials are sure to like is the e-commerce locker, which can be installed in a common area and in which deliveries can be deposited—Amazon’s ‘Hub,’ for example, serves this purpose—and having one in a building could be a great selling point.

More Storage

Millennials are young and inventive, finding solutions to the issues they face. One way they can compensate for smaller living quarters is to use the increasing number of self-storage options available to house items that can’t be accommodated at home—sensible decluttering goes hand-in-hand with this. The storage industry has grown a lot in recent years and facilities can be found both in city centers and out-of-town with units at a range of prices. This growing need for extra space is one of the reasons why self-storage is expected to remain strong and an attractive investment option for many real estate investors.

Multi-family housing providers find themselves in changing times, and as some of their most valued tenants and potential buyers are looking at new ways to live well, they must adapt to accommodate them. Real estate brokers will discover these changes as quickly as anybody. And this situation may be positive for builders of multi-family housing, who can now consider smaller apartment sizes and new areas as being suitable for this most important of generations.

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Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value Of Your Property


If you’re looking to boost the resale value of your home, landscaping is a good place to start. While it’s hard to pin down an exact number, studies estimate that landscaping upgrades can increase your home’s value from 5.5 to 12.7%. So what’s hot on the Fort Worth outdoor design scene? Here are a few of the latest trends appearing in backyards near you.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor areas for relaxing with family and friends are still hugely popular. Homeowners see these as an outdoor oasis and an extension of their home. The yard can include everything from patios and decks to outdoor kitchens, televisions, and audio systems. Retractable screens and shades are an emerging trend. The screens add privacy and help keep out bugs and summer heat.

Fire Pits



These remain a top trend because they add warmth and ambiance to any outdoor space. They also extend the use of your yard through fall and winter. Fire pits are usually less expensive than fireplaces, and they can be built-in or portable.

Integrated technology

Younger home buyers, in particular, are attracted to “smart landscaping”. A few examples are cell phone-controlled pools, robotic lawn mowers, and apps that control lighting and sprinkler systems remotely.




Pergolas are decorative garden structures made of vertical beams and cross beams. They provide shade and protection from the elements. Adding drapes, latticework or screens adds privacy. They’re also affordable and add beauty to your outdoor space.


Metals are making a significant mark in landscape design. Iron and steel are especially prominent in water features, furniture, and accessories. While metal will rust, it can be easily painted and restored.

Water Features



You can bring a touch of serenity and natural beauty to your yard by adding a water feature. It’ll attract birds and animals, and the sound of flowing water is soothing to the soul. Popular choices are fountains, small brooks or burbling ceramic pots.

Low-maintenance Landscapes



Homeowners and homebuyers of all ages don’t have a lot of time to care for their yards. That’s why low maintenance landscaping is a big trend. Replace grass with mulch or stones, use native/drought resistant plants, or consider a hardscape design.

Outdoor Lighting



The biggest trends in outdoor lighting involve technology and LED lights. More homeowners are going with lighting systems controlled by smartphone apps (no more timers!). These smart controls allow you to dim or brighten your lights and change the lighting schedule. Outdoor lights make your home safer for nighttime guests, and they tend to discourage intruders. You can even set up distinct lighting areas with individual settings. LED lights are smaller and more energy efficient and have come a long way in the past few years. Even more exciting? They can change colors, which is a fun option for prominent features like fountains or statues.

A Well-maintained Lawn

No matter how intricate or beautiful your landscaping installations are, they won’t matter if the lawn surrounding them is not lush and green.  A well maintained lawn is not something that happens overnight; rather it takes years of following proper lawn maintenance routine that includes regular mowing of the grass, annual lawn aeration, and regular fertilization.  If you’re short on time and your lawn isn’t quite up to snuff, sod installation is another option, which will yield faster results but will cost a few thousand dollars for most lawns.


Landscaping investments like these are a good bet for upping your home’s resale value. You may like the upgrades so much, you decide to keep the home and enjoy them yourself.


Kath Meryl Johnson is a landscaper and freelance writer who enjoys working on handy projects around the house. She and her children recently helped build a neighborhood gazebo next to the community pool.

April 24, 2019

The Purpose of a Home Inspection

The Purpose of a Home Inspection

A home inspection is probably one of the most underrated and important pieces of the home buying process. A certified inspector will spend approximately 2-3 hours conducting an inspection and testing on the property. An inspection report that highlights proposed repairs can save potential buyers thousands of dollars. If you are a first time home purchaser, your realtor should strongly suggest that you pay for the inspection. There are very few reasons why a buyer would want to decline one.

Quick note: Usually an inspection is contingent upon the sale of the home. This will allow the buyer to cancel or re-negotiate the sale based upon what the inspector uncovers.

It's usually not required, and although the buyer is normally responsible, it is often negotiable between both parties. A motivated seller may even have taken initiative and have a current inspection for your review. This is called a pre-inspection. If the homeowner lives in an old home and suspects that there will be several repairs, then a pre-inspection might be suggested. This will prevent any potential surprises.

Here is what a home inspection covers, what its purpose is, and how much you can expect to pay for one.

The Motivation for an Inspection

The purpose of the home inspection is to discover any defects in the home that exist. Some will need to be repaired, while others won't require any immediate attention.

Below you can view some of the important parts of the home inspection should cover, or look for:

  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Water Damage
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Foundation/Structural
  • Components
  • Status of Roof and Chimney
  • HVAC
  • Ceiling Floors

Usually, it's recommended that the buyer remain on-site while the inspector completes the inspection. This serves as two-fold.

1. You can ask potential questions you have about the process or point out any concerns.

2. It gives the buyer an opportunity to observe the inspection process in its entirety. The inspector may point out details that you can expect to view in the report.

After the inspection is completed, then you will receive a full report of what the inspector uncovered. The report should be carefully scrutinized. Remember that no home is perfect. So you will discover items that may need some sort of repair. In many cases, the report will highlight a multitude of items. Many will be so minor that you won't care. However, a homeowner should be aware of all of the items in the report.

Be sure and share this report with your realtor. They should have prior knowledge of what might raise a red flag. In the event that there are repairs that need to be conducted, have your realtor relay the information to the buyer or the buyer's realtor.

This can lead to further negotiations in the home process.

Unfortunately, an inspection can even uncover issues that will cause the sale to be canceled.

Be aware that a buyer shouldn't ask for smaller repairs to be made. These are usually cosmetic or a nominal fee to repair. Some of these will include:

  • Loose doorknobs
  • Exterior or interior paint

Sellers should walk away from buyers who ask for small repairs to be made. Re-negotiating isn't advised under these specific conditions. Read more about sellers mistakes here. 

The Cost of a Home Inspection

"Each inspection will be different. The total cost will vary based upon the size of the house, the location, and the age" says Greg Covell, a Maple Ridge real estate agent. If you are purchasing a brand new home you should expect the home to be in near perfect condition.

Our experts at Rentkidz estimate that the cost for a home inspection will be between $300 to $600.

How did we arrive at this number? Some companies actually publish their costs online. Here is a rundown of a company in Texas that illustrates this.

  • 2500 square feet and under is a flat rate of $395
  • Homes above 4000 square feet will be charged an additional 14 cents per square foot
  • Swimming pools cost an additional $100
  • A home older than 30 years, +$100.
  • Sprinkler System +$50

Buying a home is probably the largest monetary purchase for most people in their lifetime. Spending a few hundred dollars on a report makes complete sense. Roof repairs alone can cost well over five thousand dollars!

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Broken New Year's resolution, Homestead Exemptions & Market Update

Let's start the year (Well, I said "start" since we are still in the first quarter, right?) with a few pep talks-- on broken New Year's resolution, homestead exemptions, market update and property tax protest. 

I have made timestamps so you can skip directly to the exact topic of your interest:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:32 Broken New Year's Resolution
  • 3:32 Homestead Exemption
  • 4:19 January Market Update
    • 4:26 Sales Prices
    • 5:15 A look at supply
    • 5:40 Accuracy of sales numbers
    • 8:54 Property Tax Protest

Broken New Year's Resolution

I will bet to my last dollar, you have broken your New Year's resolution. But let me tell you something. I did some reflecting during our company Christmas party last year when we recognized our top-performing employees. It dawned on me that at the end of the year, what we really value are the positive things and we do not dwell so much on losses and negativity. Another thing, most people choose to not lose, but we need to get out of the comfort zone, do the things that we have never done before.

Homestead Exemption

People who bought the home last year didn't qualify for homestead exemption until January 1st of this year. They still have until the end of April to have it filed. You may check out our video about filing your homestead exemptions here.

Market Update

You can see a trend in sales price, however we also discussed how these numbers may not be accurate yet, and explain the reasons why such thing happens. Details with facts and figures are explained starting at 4:19 in the video above.

March 12, 2019

Thank you for 1,000 subscribers!

One for the books! We just hit 1,000 YouTube subscribers. Hooray!

It has been an amazing privilege to have all of you with us on this journey. Real estate is a relatively complex yet interesting topic that is why we are glad to share our knowledge with all of you guys. 

We also look forward to helping more property owners in the local community in doing their property tax protests. We always believe that there is no better way to pay it forward than to serve and give love to the ones who are close to us.

Special shout out to my buddies and of course to our avid followers who made this possible. Cheers to more informational videos and to more awesome subscribers! Sending you more than a thousand of love!

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