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Brick Mortar Crack Repair


The Problem

If you're selling your home and have a crack in your brick, buyers will assume the worst and go buy another house. They don't assume they can fix the issue. They just move on. This can cost you thousands. 

What to Buy


Use pre-mixed sanded tile grout, not mortar repair. Mortar repair usually has only 3 different color options. Sanded tile grout usually offers 20+ color options, which allows you to color match to near perfection. Also, sanded tile grout is suitable for swimming pools, showers, and exterior uses because it is highly weather resistant, and the texture is virtually identical. Brand doesn’t matter much. Any home improvement store will have a nice selection, however each store will carry different color selections due to available inventory.

They come in quart or gallon size buckets. Get quart size. See the image below for colors we have found work well on most homes. The colors below with arrows are ones that work well on most homes. Purchase a few good colors. The biggest time waste is driving to the store. If you see all the ones I marked, buy them all. If you don’t see them all but you see something else that looks close (linen, earth, or another), by all means grab it too. Home Depot and Lowes have excellent return policies.


Application Instructions

Put your artist hat on. Get an empty shallow sturdy container to serve as your palette. Scoop a spoonful of a brownish color and grey color onto the palette. Next mix the colors together in portions that would help you achieve the best match. Keep mixing the colors until it matches to 80% perfection. The color will appear slightly different after it has dried. Effective blending will mitigate any color match imperfections.

Next, begin a test area by finding an inconspicuous area of the house, dip your finger in the mixed solution then run it along the mortar area (between the bricks). If you have several cracks, you may need gloves.

As you drag your finger down the mortar line, the mix will naturally taper off and blend really well with the existing mortar color.


Cracks Running Through the Middle of a Brick

Most of the time the thing that makes a crack stand out is the shadow inside the crack. If there is a small crack in the brick, fill the crack with a very small amount of the mortar solution. Just use a minimal amount so its not caked on. Then wipe off any excess. It’s always best to test a little area to see how it looks before covering a large area. Keep in mind, you know where the cracks were before you attempted to fix them, so you’ll always know exactly where to look to find the patch job. Someone that didn’t know where the crack was before your repair job likely won’t be able to find the repaired area if you did a good job matching colors and blending.

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