The Tarrant County Appraisal District (TAD) is having an election to decide who will oversee its organization. 

Virtually nobody knows this election even exists.

If we did nothing, this election would come and go. Nobody would notice. Nothing would change.

We don't get to vote in this election, but we can make darn sure that we make our voices heard. The people that do get to vote need to know that we're watching and we care.

My solution:

I personally invited each candidate to sit down and record an interview with me. Five took me up on the offer.

Many candidates either don't stand a chance at winning or don't give me confidence they will stand up for taxpayers quite like Rich DeOtte and Gary Losada. So, let's help elect DeOtte and Losada. 


The voting period has ended. The winners are: Rich DeOtte, Jungus Jordan, Kathryn Wileman, JR Martinez, Pompa

I will provide more information shortly