This year, we have a unique situation in which we don’t want to get around anybody to avoid health risks due to COVID-19. With your property tax protest this year, you may want to utilize an option that most people don’t know anything about.


This is the Property Owner's Affidavit of Evidence form to use on your property tax protest.


This is the same form that you would file if you go to the Appraisal District and file for a formal protest. This sheet of paper and any evidence that you attach along with it will appear in the formal protest hearing instead of you. You don’t have to go at all!

Let the form do the work for you . . .

  • Fill the form. Fill in all the necessary information. On Section 3 (Reason for Protest), we usually check the box for Incorrect appraised market value, but feel free to check other boxes. You’re not going to be able to elaborate verbally so you have to make sure to keep your argument as objective as possible.
  • Assemble your evidence. Gather all the evidence that could help with your protest. Below are the best evidence that can be used to guarantee a reduction.
    • Sale comparison - sales of other properties similar to yours
    • Condition evidence - quotes from contractors, photos of repair issues on your house
  • Submit. Have a notary sign it. Sign the document in front of a Notary then send the documents to the Appraisal District. 

What happens during the formal protest?

TAD will conduct a regular formal hearing. Somebody will read this document and present your evidence.The Appraisal District will state their side of the case and the three-person panel will deliberate and will come to a conclusion on how much your property would be. They’ll arrive at a conclusion, wrap up the hearing and you’ll get the final value.


This is something that you might want to utilize if you don’t want to go in person but still want to protest your value. Happy protesting!