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Right now, the Tarrant County Appraisal District (TAD) is holding an election to decide who oversees the organization. TAD is the same entity that sets your property tax value and sends out the blue value notice every April. If you care about how TAD conducts its business, then you need to pay attention to this election.

This election is virtually secret and it has a pretty colorful history. 

In the past five years since I volunteered to protest for thousands of people, I have discovered this secret election filled with a conflict of interest and loopholes that allowed a few to influence the election.

I have testified in Austin again and again and worked with lawmakers (Rep. Matt Krause and others) to help change the law (law 1, law 2).  

Now, what's still missing is education, accountability, and transparency. 

That's why I'm taking action! 

I offered for each of TAD candidates to record an interview with me so that I could share it with you. All the interviews are posted below. 

Here's what you can do:

  1. Scroll down and watch the candidate interviews
  2. Pick the candidate you like
  3. Search to find contact information (click here) for your locally elected representatives
  4. Send an email like this: Dear Councilmember, Please vote for <insert candidate name> in the TAD board of directors election. Thank you for serving our community. 

(in order according to who was first to agree to an interview request)

Gary Losada - Resume


Rich DeOtte - Resume

Rockie Gilley - Resume

Wes Bullock - Resume


James "Jim" Austin - Resume

These TAD BOD candidates have either declined or were unavailable to interview:

Tony Pompa, Kathryn Wilemon, Jungus Jordan, Jim Griffin, Mike Leyman, Joe Ralph "JR" Martinez


More information can be found here about the TAD Board of Directors.

The board is appointed by the taxing units to two-year terms. It consists of five directors and the county assessor-collector, who is not a voting member of the board.