Wow, I am BLOWN AWAY! I started ringing the alarm bell about the TAD election and invited anyone interested to send emails. THOUSANDS of you responded!

It was really, really encouraging to me to see so many people respond. But it also showed just how many people are desperate for our property tax system to improve. I’m fired up!

I have mixed feelings about how the election ended.

Election Results

Four out of the five incumbents were re-elected. The only newcomer to the board was former Fort Worth City Councilman Jungus Jordan. 

The board members serving at TAD for the next two years are Tony Pompa, J.R. Martinez, Rich DeOtte, Kathryn Wileman, Jungus Jordan

I stood before the board this past Friday and implored them to stand up for the taxpayers.

Giving TAD a Piece of my Mind