We are at the final stage of this year's tax protest. Everybody's tax protest results will be available soon.

TAD's sent a little yellow postcard with a web address and it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It has caused unnecessary stress and concern to everybody. It was part of the SP2 bill that was passed. 

TAD was required to provide transparency into who receives the money when you pay your tax bill. That website is an attempt to give you an idea of where you're money is going to and what you can do if you want to protest the tax rate. 

I've got videos here that explain how you can go about protesting the tax rate. 

There's nothing to be concerned about. The website they made is good but they just need to work on the bugs out of it. It seems to be changing every now and then.

We will get your protest results soon and just watch your email. We should have it on your inbox in about a week.