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Who said fresh air, a homey and large house, a progressive location and a low crime rate can’t go together?

Caraway, Haslet has ample greenery, an exceptional livability score of 90/100 with an 86% lower crime rate compared to the Texas average. It simply means that this is a perfect place to live in as the area has a 7% decrease in crime rate year after year. It’s such a peaceful place to be in at the same time progressive. Communities like this are highly sought after locations and are relatively hard to find nowadays. Given these circumstances, it is highly recommended to buy a house in Caraway, Haslet.

Caraway, Haslet has an incredible 75 acres worth of green space set for recreation and aesthetics in an otherwise urban environment and 1.5-acre total area for amenities alone. The area is so pristine yet it’s just a few minutes away from the bustling city of Dallas and Fort Worth. The area is so serene and lined with 2 miles of trails with some water features and lounge areas strategically put in place; it is indeed perfect for fun-loving yet hard-working people in mind. It’s highly notable amenities in the communities are the pool and ponds where people can relax and unwind.

Its open concept homes are perfect for people who enjoy seamless, wide-open spaces, and no wall dividers. So if you’re a claustrophobic type of person who easily feels suffocated in closed spaces, this type of house is for you! This setup is also best for people with small children. Since the place is spacious and open, it makes it so easy caring and monitoring the young ones as all the parts of the house are pretty much accessible at any angle. 

Lot areas for a single-family home in Caraway, Haslet range from 2508 to 4924 square feet each, price ranges from $419,999 to $453,499, with 3 to 6 bedrooms that are perfect for young professionals starting a family of their own or those with growing families. These homes have 2 to 5 full bathrooms and 1 to2 half bathrooms. You can choose between one-story and two-story houses and come with a 2 to 3 car garage. Homeowners association fees are at an average of $1200 a year which is reasonably affordable for a large house in a highly progressive area. 

Caraway is situated in the progressive City of Haslet, Texas. It is home to various new and spacious home constructions in town. It sits just a mile away from I-35W, around half a mile away from the business district in Hillwood’s Alliance Texas where Walmart, Amazon, FedEx, Facebook’s data center are, and Northwest Independent School District to name a few of the 470 big companies in the area. Shopping, entertainment, and dining are relatively accessible in the area as well. It’s a relatively new neighborhood that began in 2018 with a lot of schools namely:

  • Haslet Elementary School
  • Truett Wilson Middle School
  • Byron Nelson High School
  • Kay Granger Elementary School
  • International Leadership Of Texas Middle - Keller School
  • International Leadership Of Texas - Keller High School
  • Alliance Christian Academy Private School
  • Our Lady of Grace Private School



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