Fort Worth Townhouses For Sale

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Townhouses For Sale in Fort Worth, Texas

townhomes for sale in fort worth, texas

Townhouses, or townhomes, are a common real estate option for those looking in Fort Worth, Texas. By definition, a townhouse is a property that is at least 2 storeys and shares at least one wall with another townhouse unit. Unlike condominiums, those who purchase townhomes own the entire building, whereas condo owners have only the inside of the property. Considered the perfect bridge property, townhouses offer some cost savings when compared to a detached single family dwelling, yet they allow for more control than a condo.

Popularity of Townhomes for Sale in Fort Worth, Texas

Townhouses tend to offer more affordability for buyers without skimping on the space. Many townhomes in and around Fort Worth feature 3-5 bedrooms and 2-3 baths, with a large number having attached garages. Much like detached homes, Fort Worth townhomes have higher end options with top of the line features. Both modern and traditional architectural styles are also available. Prices for Fort Worth townhomes start in the high $100,000’s with newer, larger options reaching close to $500,000.

Choosing Your Fort Worth Neighborhood

Due to their space saving nature, townhomes tend to be built close to downtown neighborhoods. Fort Worth has a number of townhouse communities, such as The Addison at University Heights which is a new townhome development near the TCU campus. Other areas include Newport Village at Trinity, Monticello Oaks, Ridgewest and Highland Park. In addition to living accommodations, many of these townhome properties in Fort Worth offer additional community amenities such as pools, outdoor community spaces and fitness clubs.

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