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Quiet. Classic. Elegant. What more can I say to this Equestrian Community outside city limits? Woah your horses! This lovely neighborhood has very large homes at a very reasonable price ranging from $245,000-$560,000, sitting on 2.75-acre lots with an average of four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

When I think of a perfect home, I imagine sunrise and sunset. Big lawns. Birds chirping. The smell of freshly cut grass. Fresh countryside aura. Horses. Lots and lots of horses. Peaceful and safe neighborhood, where you know everyone. Friends live close by. It sounds a bit dreamy but Fossil Creek Estate is just exactly like that. It's just good for the soul. 

When coming to the neighborhood, you will notice ranches. And lots of them. So if you love horses, this is the place to be. The environment helps you detach from the busy city life and slows down your pace in life. Living in the neighborhood helps you live a healthy lifestyle. You get to enjoy a lot of walking, biking, or even horseback riding! Yeehaw! The possibilities of adventure are never-ending. 

Speaking of adventure, the neighborhood is not just about horses and ranches. Have I mentioned there is a golf course located just 0.6km from the neighborhood?! The Golf Club Fossil Creek, designed by the famous Arnold Palmer. The golf course stretches 7,112 yards with excellent angles that would make you use every shot you’ve got! Exciting!

The fun doesn’t even end here, there is also a segway tour (It has been a number one to tourists), indoor skydiving (yikkessss!), a national historic museum, stockyards rodeo and so much more! 

Of course, we can’t miss out on the piggin’ out! Texas Bar-B-Q is just right around the corner! You can bring your kids and family to taste their most delicious award-winning barbecues. Restaurants and shopping are just around the corner too! So don’t you worry city lovers! This neighborhood just got everything you need. Dreamy right?

Despite the rural feels in this place, houses remain classy and elegant. Homeowners made sure that the houses are always up to date. The homeowners association is very keen on keeping the standard of the subdivision high. They've been doing a pretty great job. Houses on sale are sold in an average of 35 days at or above the asking price. Interesting, huh? This reputation has been in a good shape for years making this neighborhood "a-must" to live at.

There are also great schools available in the area; one of the schools is Chisholm Trail Middle School who offer classes for children Grades 6-8 with a school rating of 7/10, Northwest Independent School District, offers classes for PK-12 with a school rating of 7/10, Sonny and Allegra Nance Elementary School who offers classes to PK-5 with school rating of 6/10. The churches are also available in the neighborhood for our Christian friends. St. Patrick Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches and is also the first catholic parish in the area.

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