Jason Culp

Jason Culp

(817) 482-6092

Chandler Crouch Realtors

9500 Ray White Rd, 2nd Floor Fort Worth, TX 76244

Jason is a bit of a nerd when it comes to real estate.  Saying, “I just love what real estate stands for.  It’s the lynch pin of the US economy and it’s usually the largest purchase people make as well as their largest asset and I love walking with people through this very important decision.

“Life is made up of a series of dreams, and buying and selling real estate for most people is an asset used to facilitate their next dream.  Whether it’s a first time home buyer, upsizing, downsizing, or finally realizing that “dream home”,  I just want to give people a no hassle experience that puts them first.”

He goes on to say, “So many people are afraid that a Realtor is just going to sell them instead of serve them.  That’s why I consider myself a Real Estate Consultant, not a salesperson.  I don’t want to sell you anything; I just want to help you realize your next dream in real estate.”

Jason is a full-time Realtor and lives in Keller with his wife of 23 years and their two teenage boys.  He is an avid motorsports enthusiast and in his off time enjoys cruising in his classic cars or riding his motorcycle down a back road.  Jason and his family attend Gateway church in Southlake.