William Henry

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9500 Ray White Rd, 2nd Floor Fort Worth, TX 76244

William Henry left his corporate job in pursuit of a real estate career and a passion for ministry. He planned the journey out and prepared as much as he absolutely could. He is an avid reader and he truly enjoys reading about real estate and learning more. He believes that all of us are lifetime students. After much preparation, he received his license in February of 2019. He spent 17 years in a corporate leadership position guiding others how to excel in customer service. He gained extensive knowledge in leading people and honing communication skills and how to negotiate. 

He truly loves to be outside. Some of his biggest passions are hunting, fishing and nature photography. He has been married to his wife, Violet, for 13 years and they have 3 lovely kids. Their eldest son is 12 and they have two daughters, 10 and 9 years old. They also have two German Shepherds, Jax and Jules. We also have Jesse, a lab mix who thinks she is a cat.

His passion is ministry. He currently runs a non-profit organization with multiple ministries- men's ministry, women's ministry, criminal justice ministry and they will have a veterans ministry online late 2019 or early 2020. Communication, negotiations, a servant heart, and a passion for people are the top skills that he brings to his clients as a benefit.

He absolutely loves real estate and helping others achieve their goals. He loves helping buyers purchase the home of their dreams and sellers move into the next chapter of their life with the least amount of stress and the joy of freedom. he truly believes how you enter a situation is how you leave the previous situation and how you leave a situation is how you enter the next. Real estate is really the essence of entering and leaving and he sincerely wants people to enter and leave with joy and as stress-free as possible.