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Feb. 20, 2024

The WORST Candidate for Tarrant Tax Assessor is…

Please, whatever you do, don't vote for Wendy Burgess. She has cost me dearly.

Her primary responsibility is to represent the interest of the people so that if our tax system runs amuck, we can have a representative stand up for us. On this, she failed.

Here’s what happened ...

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Dec. 15, 2023

TRUTH WINS: TAD Admits Taxpayer Info Exposed on Internet

In the statement below, the Tarrant Appraisal District Board of Directors acknowledged that taxpayers' confidential information was exposed on the internet because of a data security failure.  

The admission was the result of a marathon meeting late Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023, after I posted online and emailed thousands of my ...

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Dec. 13, 2023

TAD Exposes Taxpayer Private Data on the Internet & Attempts Coverup

Update: TAD Releases Statement Acknowledging Truth

I have concerning news that may directly impact your privacy and the security of your personal information. I feel the right thing to do is to inform you about this. Nobody at the appraisal district is taking action to inform you, so I’m taking ...

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July 21, 2023

4 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Housing Costs Right Now

1) Save BIG by refinancing your mortgage (even with high-interest rates):

  • Drop your house payment by increasing the length of your loan
  • Decrease the length of your loan to pay off your mortgage faster
  • Skip up to two house payments
  • Use proceeds to consolidate and pay off credit card debt ...
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March 6, 2023

Tell Tarrant County Commissioner Court What We Want

The Keller City Council heard your voices and voted unanimously to recall the TAD Chairwoman for a long history of questionable decisions (scroll below the video for a list). 

Now, the Tarrant County Judge and Commissioner's Court (TCCC) is responding to your outcry.

Credit to TCCC for putting ...

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Feb. 20, 2023

See How the City of Keller’s Bold Move Helps Everyone in Tarrant County!

The drama at TAD has been pretty wild. A lot has been happening, but I haven't talked about it much.

As a taxpayer, it's frustrating that we can't hold TAD accountable for their actions directly. We don't get to vote on who is elected to the ...

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Dec. 6, 2022

Does TAD's Secret Report Cover Up Criminal Violations?

A board member revealed the existence of a previously undisclosed investigative full report that contains evidence showing TAD executives potentially committed the criminal offense of "Official Oppression."

At the meeting, a board member proposed adding an agenda item for the next meeting (on 12/9) to discuss publicly releasing the ...

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Nov. 9, 2022

BREAKING: Malicious Attack on Me Uses Out-of-State Goons

For information on how to support Chandler, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

My hope is that the TAD board meeting this Friday (11-11-2022) will be uneventful. However, I may need some support in case the goons attack again. 

Attack 1 - the goons

Public speaker card 1 ...

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Aug. 8, 2022

Does TAD Actively Discourage People from Protesting

TAD just posted their agenda for this Friday's 9am... Also, TAD just hired a Public Relations firm. 

Here's my takeaway... TAD would rather spend your tax dollars hiring a P.R. firm instead of publically addressing how their Director of Residential Appraisals, Randy Armstrong, used county assets ...

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June 26, 2022

TAD Emergency Board Meeting Regarding TAD Attack on Chandler

About the Attack:

Here's what you can do:

1. Share ...

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